For Non-Residents entering the Estate:

– Points of entry into the estate are Garsfontein Gate – Garsfontein Road (opposite Pretoria East Hospital and Parkview Shopping Centre, OR St Bernard Street.

– Entry from the contractor’s gate on De Villa Bois Street will NOT BE PERMITTED.

– ALL occupants inside the vehicle over 18, must provide valid I.D or drivers license to security, or they will not be permitted to enter.

– Players must ensure that they have access codes to enter the estate or contact the padel center at least an hour before play is due to commence to request an access code, if they have not received one yet.

– The person making the booking will be responsible to send the access codes to the other 3 players should they reside outside the estate. This code can be shared via the chat function on the Playtomic app specifically for the match.

– Arrive at the security entrance to the Estate at least 15 minutes BEFORE your game is to commence to allow for on time arrival at the courts.

– If for whatever reason the acess code does not work, ask security to call the padel centre to grant you access.

– Players are responsible to ensure that they arrive ON TIME for their game.

– All players are responsible to abide by the rules of the Woodhill Residential Estate and Country Club – visit and regulations.

– No rudeness toward any staff member or players will be tolerated.

– Contact no for padel centre: 079 137 1743 | 0109720015 – ext 135