· You must have registered on the Playtomic app in order to make use of the Proactive Padel reward card. 
· Follow, like and share our socials/pages in order to collect your reward card.
· Only the person’s name written on the card may receive stamps, this card may not be used by other players. 
· Collect 10 stamps and receive R100 in your club wallet on Playtomic app. 
· Allow 7 days for the wallet to be loaded with cash. 
· Also receive R100 off food and beverage account, and 
· ONE Free 500ml Castle Lite Draft or 500ml water or Black Crown Gin by handing in your fully stamped card. Not transferrable. 
· You must redeem your benefits within 2 months of receiving it. 
· 1 Stamp will be given per booking p/client p/day – min booking value must be R100 p/hour. 
· Stamps will only be allocated for bookings made paying with a credit card on Playtomic or in the padel centre.  No stamps will be given for bookings made using the wallet function on Playtomic.
· The stamp must be collected from usher on the day of the booking, no 
  backdating of stamps will be permitted. 
· No stamp will be given if the booking was made on a special/reduced rate.
· No stamp will be given for ladies squad, league games, parties/events, 
  tournaments or private coaching lessons.
· 1 stamp will be given per attendance of activity booked on app – i.e adult squad on a Monday, but only if this is at full rate and not on a reduced rate, must be at least R100 p/p p/h. 
· When using your R100 in your club wallet to book a game – All normal cancellation rules for bookings will apply. 
· If your match is cancelled due to rain – rules of re-scheduling policy will apply. 
· Collect a new card from Padel Centre when your card is full. 
· Proactive Padel reserves the right to terminate the reward program at any given time, with one calendar months’ notice.